No more smoke smell in your home after your house fire.

  • If you are living in humid and warm weather, run a dehumidifier in the room with the windows closed. In this case, you need to run multiple small fans to have more fresh air inside.
  • You also need to change the furnace filter every day if you are running in the heat. You do this up until the filter no longer shows any soot.


Once you have the smoke smell removal Chicago suggestions above done, you are ready to do your thing inside your home – attempting to retrieve anything that can still be used.


Dry out the wet items first if you want to clean the smoke damage. The dehumidifiers and fans will aid you in this task. However, if your house was used with water hoses to put out the fire, it is best to leave this task to the professional water damage or fire damage firm. If you still want to do it yourself, be extra wary of any mold and mildew present right on the floors or beneath the carpet. The presence of the mold can be a great risk to your health and even damage the floors of your home.


If you want to hire professionals, look at the Better Business Bureau first and contact the insurance company for any recommendations.